LazyBot MODEL X - Electric Scooter 500W, 45 KM Range, 35+Km/h speed - Lazy Pro
LazyBot MODEL X - Electric Scooter 500W, 45 KM Range, 35+Km/h speed - Lazy Pro
LazyBot MODEL X - Electric Scooter 500W, 45 KM Range, 35+Km/h speed - Lazy Pro
LazyBot MODEL X - Electric Scooter 500W, 45 KM Range, 35+Km/h speed - Lazy Pro
LazyBot MODEL X - Electric Scooter 500W, 45 KM Range, 35+Km/h speed - Lazy Pro
LazyBot MODEL X - Electric Scooter 500W, 45 KM Range, 35+Km/h speed - Lazy Pro
LazyBot MODEL X - Electric Scooter 500W, 45 KM Range, 35+Km/h speed - Lazy Pro
LazyBot MODEL X - Electric Scooter 500W, 45 KM Range, 35+Km/h speed - Lazy Pro
LazyBot MODEL X - Electric Scooter 500W, 45 KM Range, 35+Km/h speed - Lazy Pro

LazyBot MODEL X - Electric Scooter 500W, 45 KM Range, 35+Km/h speed

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Lazy Bot Electric Scooter for Adults

Elevate your commuting experience with the Lazy Bot Electric Scooter for Adults – a fusion of power, safety, and convenience. Designed with precision engineering and an unwavering commitment to rider satisfaction, this electric scooter offers an array of cutting-edge features that redefine your daily transportation.

  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE 500W (850W MAX) MOTOR FOR TOP SPEED — The innovative 500W brushless motor on the Lazy Bot electric scooter will WOW your next commute! The 4 gears give full control over your ride from Eco to Push for all types of roads and traveling at high performance. In addition, the electric scooter for adults gives enough power for you to ride at high speed of up to 25 miles per hour and climb a hill angle of 20 degrees effortlessly, all at a maximum load of 265 lbs.
  • JAPAN HIGH CAPACITY 36V10AH LONG-RUNNING BATTERY — Lazy Bot e scooter for adults features a certified high-capacity 36V/10Ah Lithium-ion battery that guarantees an incredible power reserve of up to 28 miles for longer fun rides. Just imagine how many places you can visit without any breaks! Our adult electric scooter needs up to 6 hours to become fully charged and ready for your next journey.
  • TRIPLE DISC PRO BRAKING, DOUBLE SUSPENSION & 10 IN AIRLESS HONEYCOMB TIRES — Your safety is our priority! Our motor scooter for adults has an improved triple disc braking system for efficient, receptive braking.
  • As a result, the fast electric scooter's total stopping distance at 22 mph is only 3-5 meters. Also, thanks to the 10-inch honeycomb tires, the electric scooter for adults has a better grip on the road for a stable ride. No more flat tires either with our puncture-proof tires.


  • SINGLE-CLICK FOLDING & OPTIMAL WEIGHT / SIZE — Lose the lock lever, lower the rack horizontally and hook it in the special ring. Easy fold, easy hold! The Lazy Bot foldable scooter is lightweight, only 41.8 lbs, and compact, measuring 48.6x21.6x21.2 inches when folded. You can easily carry it with just one hand in public transport or metro stations, transport it in your trunk, or store it in a small apartment. Our lightweight electric scooter is perfect for bringing with you wherever you go!


  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE COMMUTING — Lazy Bot off road scooter can safely conquer any road, even at high speeds. The solid tires and rear dual shock absorbers provide maximal comfort, even on rough surfaces or speed bumps. Moreover, thanks to the ipx4 frame protection, durable bottom, and front and rear suspension, our scooter for adults will provide a steady and comfy ride anywhere you go! Pop on your safety gear for extra protection and fun with little risk.
  • DOWNLOAD the application from App Store or Play Market for any device. In the application, you can adjust your speed from 15 mph to 25 mph. The speed limit was made on purpose for your safety.

APP, MULTIFUNCTIONAL DISPLAY, HEADLIGHT & TAILLIGHT — Besides ensuring excellent stability, the steel handlebar on our scooter features a digital LED panel. The display includes the gear setting, speedometer, battery life, fault display, cruise control, Bluetooth icon, and headlight & brake light icons. Keep track while on the go. The front and rear lights are safety features to light up the road and ensure you are visible in the traffic during dark hours. Gotrax, Hiboy, Ninebot



LazyBot is the perfect scooter for anyone who wants an easy-to-fold and carries an option for getting around. It takes just one step to fold it up, making it ideal for bringing with you wherever you go. The scooter's folded dimensions are only 48.6 X 21.6 X 49” - perfect for carrying it on public transport, car, metro station, elevator, or any other compact space.


With the powerful 500W electric motor, our LazyBot can reach up to 22 miles per hour, and travel up to 25 miles, all at a maximum load of 265 lbs. The 4-speed modules help you maximize your travel range and control the proper skill for any skill level.


The high-volt battery is very powerful, allowing the motor to run smoothly and quickly. It can easily handle inclines, providing a fast and comfortable ride. The 36V Lithium-ion battery (certified) fully charges in just 6 hours, making riding fun longer.


LazyBot Escooter comes with an innovative LED display that makes it easy to see all the controls in one place. The display includes the speed mode, speedometer, battery status, fault display, cruise control, Bluetooth icon, and headlight & brake light icons. This makes it easy to keep track of everything while you're on the go.


Our Escooter has been designed for comfort, with a wider deck and solid pneumatic tires to ensure a smooth ride even on rough surfaces. The upgraded braking system ensures that your ride will be safe and free from sudden stops. However, we always recommend wearing proper safety gear at all times.

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FAQs About Adult Electric Scooters

1. Q: What's the maximum speed an adult electric scooter can reach? A: Adult electric scooters typically have a top speed ranging from 15 to 25 mph, depending on the model and local regulations.

2. Q: How far can I travel on a single charge? A: The range varies between 15 to 50 miles, contingent on factors such as battery capacity, terrain, rider weight, and speed.

3. Q: What's the weight capacity of most adult electric scooters? A: Most adult electric scooters can support riders weighing up to 220 to 330 lbs, ensuring sturdy and safe operation.

4. Q: How long does it take to charge the scooter's battery fully? A: Charging times differ but usually range between 3 to 8 hours, based on battery capacity and charger specifications.

5. Q: Are electric scooters suitable for commuting? A: Absolutely, adult electric scooters are increasingly popular for commuting due to their eco-friendliness and ease of use.

6. Q: Are these scooters foldable for easy storage? A: Yes, many adult electric scooters offer foldable designs for convenient storage and portability.

7. Q: Can I ride an electric scooter in the rain? A: While many scooters have water-resistant features, it's best to avoid heavy rain to prevent damage to sensitive components.

8. Q: What's the importance of suspension systems on electric scooters? A: Suspension systems enhance ride comfort by absorbing shocks from bumps and uneven surfaces, resulting in a smoother journey.

9. Q: How do electric scooter brakes work? A: Most models feature regenerative brakes that slow down the scooter when the rider releases the throttle, converting kinetic energy back into the battery.

10. Q: Are there off-road electric scooters for rough terrains? A: Yes, some adult electric scooters come equipped with sturdy tires, enhanced suspension, and higher power output to tackle off-road conditions.


10. Question: What safety features do adult electric scooters typically have? Response: Common safety features include LED lights, brake lights, reflectors, and regenerative braking systems. Always prioritize safety gear like helmets and pads.

11. Question: Can I ride an electric scooter on bike lanes? Response: Laws vary by region, but many places permit electric scooters on bike lanes or designated paths. Check your local regulations to ensure legal compliance.

12. Question: How durable are adult electric scooters? Response: High-quality scooters are built with durable materials like aluminum alloy and feature sturdy construction, ensuring longevity and withstanding daily wear and tear.

13. Question: What is the weight capacity of most adult electric scooters? Response: Adult electric scooters typically support weight capacities ranging from 220 to 300 lbs, providing a safe and comfortable riding experience for various users.

14. Question: Are these scooters suitable for daily commuting? Response: Absolutely, adult electric scooters are increasingly popular for daily commuting due to their eco-friendliness, convenience, and ability to navigate through urban traffic.

15. Question: How do I maintain an electric scooter? Response: Regular maintenance includes checking tire pressure, keeping the scooter clean, tightening bolts, and monitoring battery health. Refer to the user manual for detailed maintenance guidelines.

16. Question: Can I use an electric scooter for long distances? Response: While adult electric scooters offer decent ranges, they're better suited for shorter to medium distances. Long distances might require multiple charges or alternative transportation methods.

17. Question: Are electric scooters noisy? Response: No, electric scooters operate quietly due to their electric motors, making them a suitable and non-disruptive option for urban environments.

18. Question: How do I ensure the scooter's brakes are working effectively? Response: Periodically check brake performance by gently applying the brakes at slow speeds. If you notice any irregularities or decreased braking power, seek professional maintenance.

19. Question: Can I ride an electric scooter in cold weather? Response: While you can ride in colder temperatures, extreme cold can affect battery performance and tire grip. It's advisable to take precautions and avoid harsh weather conditions.

20. Question: Are spare parts readily available for these scooters? Response: Reputable manufacturers often provide spare parts and accessories, ensuring easy replacements and repairs. Check with the manufacturer or authorized dealers for availability.

21. Question: Are there weight restrictions for riders? Response: Some scooters may have weight restrictions due to motor and frame specifications. It's crucial to adhere to these restrictions for safe operation.

22. Question: How do I know when the scooter's battery is low? Response: Most electric scooters have indicators, such as LED lights or a digital display, that show battery status. It's recommended to charge your scooter before the battery level gets too low.

23. Question: Can I ride an electric scooter on rough terrain? Response: While some scooters have suspension systems for moderate rough terrain, they're primarily designed for urban and smooth surfaces. Extreme terrain might impact performance and durability.

24. Question: How do I ensure proper tire maintenance? Response: Regularly check tire pressure and tread wear. Inflate tires to the recommended PSI and replace them if tread is worn or damaged for optimal performance and safety.

25. Question: What's the average lifespan of an electric scooter? Response: With proper maintenance, an adult electric scooter can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years or even longer, depending on usage and quality.

26. Question: Can I use an electric scooter for leisure rides? Response: Absolutely, adult electric scooters offer an enjoyable and eco-friendly option for leisure rides, allowing you to explore your surroundings effortlessly.

27. Question: How can I lock my electric scooter to prevent theft? Response: Some electric scooters come with built-in locking mechanisms, and additional options include using cable locks or removable parts to deter theft.

28. Question: Can I carry the scooter on public transportation? Response: Many public transportation systems allow folding electric scooters on board, but it's essential to check with the specific transportation authority for their policies.

29. Question: Are there any age restrictions for riding electric scooters? Response: Age restrictions vary by jurisdiction. Some places require riders to be a certain age to operate electric scooters legally. Check local regulations for guidance.

30. Question: Do electric scooters come with warranties? Response: Yes, most reputable manufacturers provide warranties that cover specific parts and components. Make sure to review the warranty terms and conditions before purchasing.