LazyPro™ H2 ENC Bluetooth Earbuds Noice Canceling Earbuds With Mics 620mAh Battery

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Product description

Audio Lags and Drops? Not Cool, Dude! As gamers, we know there's nothing worse than audio that can't keep up. What's the point of an epic game if the sound doesn't match? Enter the arena with generic earbuds and you’re setting yourself up for that dreaded "noob" label.

Step Up Your Audio Game with LazyPro™: No more compromise on audio quality or battery life. Immerse into your gaming universe with sounds that make you feel you're truly inside the game. Because legends deserve nothing but the best.

Epic Features Ready to Blow Your Mind:

Bluetooth V5.0 Mastery: Sync with almost any Bluetooth device. The future of connectivity is here and it promises low power consumption.

Power-Packed Playtime: A 500mAh charging juggernaut ensuring your buds are juiced up to 20 more hours. Less charging, more conquering.

Fear No Element: With IPX5 waterproof tech, rain-checks are a thing of the past. Game on, come rain or sweat.

Deep Dive into 3D Audio: Dual 13mm drive units catapult you straight into a 3D audio adventure with thumping bass. Every explosion, every footstep, every tiny detail in crystal clarity.

Smart Controls at Your Fingertips: Seamlessly switch tracks, manage calls, or beckon your voice assistant. Complete command, one touch away.

Inside the Box: The Loot!

2 x LazyPro™ Bluetooth Earphones1 x Charging Behemoth Case1 x USB Power Cable1 x User Scroll (Manual)3 x Earphone Shields (S, M, L sizes)


Q: How long do the earphones play on a single charge? A: Each earbud can provide up to 4 hours of playback, and with the case, you get an extra 20 hours!

Q: How quick is the connectivity with my device? A: With Bluetooth V5.0, connection is almost instant upon taking out the earphones from the case.

Q: Can they handle intense workout sessions? A: Absolutely! Thanks to IPX5 waterproof tech, sweat won't dampen your groove.

Q: What kind of sound profile can I expect? A: Experience immersive 3D audio with deep and rich bass.

Q: How do I use the smart button controls? A: A detailed guide is available in the user manual to help you master the controls.

Q: Is there a microphone for calls? A: Yes, the smart controls also manage calls seamlessly.

Q: What’s the Bluetooth range? A: Stay connected within a 10m (33 feet) radius, provided there are no obstructions.

Q: Are different sized ear tips provided? A: Absolutely! We provide S, M, and L sizes to ensure a snug fit for all warriors.

Q: Can I use them with my PC? A: If your PC supports Bluetooth, game on!

Q: Is there a warranty? A: Every LazyPro™ comes with a promise of quality, backed by a 12-month warranty.

Conclusion: If you're serious about your game and your tunes, the LazyPro™ isn't just an option, it’s a necessity. Equip yourself with the best, and let the games begin!

GARYWAY H2 Earbuds

Bluetooth 5.0/Ergonomic design/6MM high fidelity speaker

Earphones/ Headphones/ Headsets

- Bluetooth 5.0; strong connection -

- 6MM high fidelity speaker -

- Ready to pair as soon as you open the case -

- Press for 2 seconds to activate Siri or voice assistant -

- Ergonomic design; a good wearing comfort -

- Environmental Noise Canceling (ENC) -

- Long battery life; 20 hours playtime with the case -

- Compact shape; friendly on-the-go -

- Come together with 3 sizes of silicone eartips for your right fit -



ENC Tech; Crystal-clear Call Quality


Without Delay

Stunning synchronization.Watching videos with them

goes without delay.


HiFi Sound Effects

Perfect sound quality that packs lots of thump and punch.

Best choice for bass lovers.


Come together with 3 sizes of silicone eartips for your right fit


Ergonomic design;

a good wearing comfort


Long Battery Life

5h Playtime

20h Playtime with the case

1-2h Charging time


Hall Switch; Auto Pairing

Ready to pair as soon as you open the case


Product Packing List


2.H2 wireless earphone

3.User manual

4.3 sizes of silicone eartips

5.Type-C charging cable


Product specification

Product name:H2

Bluetooth version:5.0

Battery input:DC 5V

Earphone battery:60mAh

Charge case battery:500mAh

Battery time:About 5hours




Profile support:HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP