LazyPro™ InstaLink TrioAdapter: Dual USB3.0 & Charge for iPhone/iPad

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LazyPro™ InstaLink TrioAdapter

The Gaming Dilemma:

We've all been there: deep into an intense gaming session, and suddenly your headset or controller disconnects because your iPhone or iPad is out of battery. You're hit with that heart-sinking realization that it's all over. The rage quits, the frustrations, the feeling of being tethered to an adapter that doesn't have your back. If only there was a way to charge your device and connect your essentials seamlessly...

The Ultimate Solution: LazyPro™ InstaLink TrioAdapter

Level up your gaming experience with the LazyPro™ InstaLink TrioAdapter. Specifically designed with the modern gamer in mind, our adapter ensures uninterrupted gameplay, enabling you to charge your device while connecting multiple gaming peripherals.

Key Features:

Dual USB 3.0 Ports: Quick and seamless connection for your gaming headset, controller, and more.Integrated Charging Port: Keep your device charged up and ready for action.Plug and Play: No apps, no fuss. Get in the game faster.Universal Compatibility: Designed for both iPhone and iPad, making it a versatile tool in your gaming arsenal.


Consistent Gaming: No more unexpected disconnections.Clutter-Free Setup: One adapter for all your needs, reducing the mess.Durable Design: Built to withstand those intense gaming nights.Cost-Effective: Why buy multiple adapters when one can do the job?

Why Choose LazyPro™? Having been in the game for years, we understand the unique challenges faced by gamers. LazyPro™ is committed to offering solutions that are not only functional but also enhance your overall gaming experience. Our InstaLink TrioAdapter is a testament to our promise of quality, reliability, and innovation.


1. Q: Will this adapter fit all iPhone models? A: Yes, it's designed to fit all iPhone models that support Lightning connectors.

2. Q: Can I connect a keyboard or mouse using the USB ports? A: Absolutely! The dual USB 3.0 ports allow for a variety of peripherals, including keyboards and mice.

3. Q: Does it support fast charging? A: The integrated charging port ensures a steady and efficient charge for your device.

4. Q: Is there a warranty on the adapter? A: Yes, the LazyPro™ InstaLink TrioAdapter comes with a standard 12-month warranty.

5. Q: Does it work with protective cases on the iPhone or iPad? A: The design is meant to be compatible with most cases. However, some bulkier cases might need removal for a proper fit.

6. Q: Can I transfer data using the USB ports? A: Yes, the USB 3.0 ports support both data transfer and peripheral connections.

7. Q: Is any software installation required? A: No, the LazyPro™ InstaLink TrioAdapter is a plug-and-play device.

8. Q: How durable is the adapter? A: Built with high-quality materials, it's designed to withstand regular usage and is perfect for intense gaming sessions.

9. Q: Can I connect external storage devices like USB drives? A: Yes, the dual USB 3.0 ports support a range of storage devices for quick data access.

10. Q: What makes LazyPro™ InstaLink TrioAdapter different from other adapters in the market? A: We offer a unique blend of charging and dual USB 3.0 connectivity, tailored specifically for gamers. The quality, functionality, and cost-effectiveness set it apart.

Elevate your gaming. Stay charged, stay connected. Experience the LazyPro™ difference.