LazyPro™ QCFusion 18W DualPort: The Ultimate QC3.0 & PD Fast Charger - USB-A + Type-C Combo for Apple & Android (US Standard)

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Product description

Level Up Your Charging Game: We all know the feeling - you're mid-boss fight, adrenaline pumping, when suddenly your device signals low battery. An all-too-common pain point for gamers, streamers, and multitaskers alike.

Enter the Solution:With LazyPro's QCFusion 18W DualPort, leave the anxiety of a dying battery in the past. Designed for the elite, it's more than just a charger; it's a game-changer. Equipped with both QC3.0 & PD fast charging, this powerhouse ensures your devices juice up at lightning speed. Whether you're team Apple or Android, we got you. The ultimate dual charging combo of USB-A and Type-C ensures your device is always battle-ready.

Key Features:

Rapid Response Charging: Integrating QC3.0 & PD technology to recharge devices up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Universal Compatibility: USB-A and Type-C ports to accommodate both Apple and Android devices. One charger to rule them all!

Safety First: Built with advanced safety features to protect against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting.

Compact Design: Sleek and travel-friendly, making it a perfect companion for on-the-go gaming marathons.

US Standard Plug: Optimized for American sockets, ensuring a snug fit every time you plug in.

Gamer-Driven Benefits:

Uninterrupted Gameplay: No need to pause or save the game due to low battery alerts.

Dual Device Boost: Charge your phone and gaming controller simultaneously.

Future-Proofed: With evolving tech specs, having both USB-A & Type-C ensures you're ready for upcoming devices.

Trusted Reliability: LazyPro guarantees a quality build that stands the test of time, letting you focus on leveling up.


Q: Does it support fast charging for all devices? A: Yes, the QCFusion 18W DualPort supports fast charging for any device compatible with QC3.0 & PD technology.

Q: Can I use it outside the US? A: It's optimized for US standard sockets. For international use, an adapter might be required.

Q: Is there a warranty on the charger? A: Absolutely! Our products come with a standard warranty. Please refer to our warranty section for more details.

Q: Does it support data transfer? A: The QCFusion 18W DualPort is designed primarily for charging. For data transfer, consider our range of data cables.

Q: How does it handle voltage fluctuations? A: It's built with advanced safety features, ensuring protection against voltage fluctuations and spikes.

Q: Is it safe for overnight charging? A: Yes, its smart technology ensures devices don't overcharge, making it safe for overnight use.

Q: How long is the power cord? A: The product focuses on the charging plug. The cable length depends on the one you pair it with.

Q: Can it charge tablets efficiently? A: Absolutely! It's designed to fast charge any QC3.0 & PD-compatible device, including tablets.

Q: Is the charger bulky? A: Not at all. We've designed it to be sleek and compact, perfect for gamers on the move.

Q: Can I charge two devices at the same fast speed simultaneously? A: Yes, both ports provide fast charging simultaneously, ensuring no device gets left behind.

Gear up, level up, and never let a low battery ruin your game again with LazyPro™ QCFusion 18W DualPort. Get yours today!