LazyPro™ YuleTune 2023 - Music-Infused LED Strings with App Control

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Product description

LazyPro™ 2024 Smart Christmas RGB IC LED String Lights: Illuminate Your Festivities!

The Gaming Dilemma: Gaming sessions in the cozy winters often come with a twist. The ambiance? Too dull. The vibe? Not festive enough. Ever tried lighting up your gaming room during the holiday season but just felt something was missing? The stock LED lights just aren't cutting it, and the festivity feels dimmed.

Solution: Enter LazyPro™ 2023 RGB IC LED String Lights. Experience a festival of colors, synchronized to the rhythm of your favorite gaming background scores or festive tunes, setting the holiday mood just right!

Features & Benefits:

Voltage & Material: Safe 5V 2A power with durable PVC+soft silver wire.Weather Resilient: IP65 waterproof grade ensures outdoor safety. (Mind the power port though!)Temperature Tolerance: Can work in temperatures ranging from -25°C to 45°C.Dual Control Functionality: Choose between Smart APP & a handy Remote Control.RGB IC Tech: Point-to-point control letting each LED beam glow as per your color choice.Versatile Application: Perfect for Christmas trees, photo walls, or festival decor.Sync and Play: App control syncs up to 4 fairy lights, delivering a dazzling spectacle.


How many lights are ideal for a 1.8M high Christmas tree?

For a tree of that size, using two 20M light strings will give the best effect.

Can I use these lights outdoors?

Yes, they are waterproof (IP65 grade). However, be cautious with the power port.

How many fairy lights can the app control simultaneously?

The app can synchronously control up to 4 fairy lights.

Is the remote control battery included?

Yes, the remote control contains a button battery.

I'm not fluent in English. Do you offer manuals in other languages?

Our default manual is in English. If you need assistance, contact our store's customer service.

How long does shipping take?

For China shipping, it usually takes 10-14 days, and for overseas warehouses, it's about 7-10 days.

What if I face issues with the product?

We are here to help! Contact our customer service, and we'll resolve your concerns.

Do you offer warranty or returns?

Please check our store policy on warranty and returns for detailed information.

Can I link more than 4 fairy lights using the app?

The app allows for synchronizing up to 4 fairy lights for simultaneous control.

Is the color consistent across all LEDs?

Thanks to the RGB IC tech, each LED can be individually controlled, ensuring consistent and vivid lighting.

Gamer's Delight: With LazyPro™ 2023, make every gaming session during the festive season feel like a grand event. Stay in the game, stay in the festivity. And remember, when it's LazyPro™, it's Pro-Lighting!


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The Christmas tree we photographed is 1.8M high; and we used two 20M light strings to shoot. The waterproof fairy light can be used outdoor. but pay attention to the power port.


1. Voltage: 5V 2A
2. Waterproof grade: IP65
3. Material: PVC+soft silver wire
4. Operating temperature: - 25°C to 45°C
5. Dual control: Smart APP + Remote Control
6. Implementation technology: RGB IC point-to-point control

Smart RGB IC Technology make each LED bead easy to be controlled one-to-one. Adjust the colors and brightness to your preferences; turning a single light to vivid light shows. A colorful combination of smart LED lights brings you strong visual impact.

You can install the fairy lights on Christmas tree; Photo wall; Festival decors. LED strip lights follow music rhythm and create an immersive home concert atmosphere. Unleash your creativity advanced imagination.


App control can synchronously link up to 4 fairy lights. If you want to have a better decorative effect on the Christmas tree; it's recommended to purchase 2 fairy lights at least.

How to USE?

Our manuals are in English by default. If you do not understand English or have any questions during the operation; you can contact us through the store customer service to serve you. We will get back to you within one working.

Package Include:

1* light string
1*remote control
1*English manual
(remote control contains button battery)

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