LazyPro BT Vertical Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Wireless Rechargeable Optical 2.4G Mice

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Product description

Product Description:

Lost in the Grind? We’ve all been there, gamer. Endless hours at your battle station, your hand contorted in ways nature never intended. Your traditional mouse? It’s the saboteur behind that hand fatigue, wrist strain, and the inevitable gaming-induced rage.

Enter The Game Changer: LazyPro™ presents the BT Vertical Ergonomic Gaming Mouse - the seamless fusion of advanced ergonomics and cutting-edge wireless technology. It’s time to elevate your gaming experience and leave wrist pain in the past.

Key Features:

Next-Level Ergonomics: Designed to mirror the natural handshake position, reducing wrist strain and optimizing comfort for marathon gaming sessions.

Wireless Wizardry: 2.4G wireless technology ensures swift, interference-free response for that competitive edge every time.

Power-Play Stamina: Rechargeable feature ensures you're always powered up and ready to game, leaving disposable batteries a thing of the past.

Precision Engineered: Advanced optical tracking guarantees pixel-perfect accuracy, whether you're sniping from a distance or caught in a close-quarters frenzy.

Adaptive Agility: Multiple DPI settings cater to both the methodical sniper and the twitch-reliant fragger. It's customization at your fingertips.

The LazyPro™ Advantage:

Optimal Performance: Experience rapid responsiveness with our state-of-the-art wireless tech, keeping you ahead of the pack.

Environmental Edge: Rechargeable functionality means fewer batteries in landfills. Game on, planet lover!

Universal Compatibility: Whether you're a PC devotee or console crusader, our mouse has got you covered.


Q: How long does a single charge last? A: On a full charge, the mouse can power through up to 50 hours of intense gaming action.

Q: Is there a wired version available? A: Currently, we're championing the wireless wave for greater flexibility and freedom of movement.

Q: Can I customize the button functions? A: Absolutely! The mouse is fully programmable, ensuring a personalized gaming experience.

Q: Is the mouse compatible with both Windows and macOS? A: Indeed, it's built for broad compatibility including both these OS and more.

Q: How does the ergonomic design aid in prolonged gaming sessions? A: The vertical design encourages a natural hand position, reducing fatigue and potential strain.

Q: Are there different color options? A: As of now, we've perfected our signature shade. Stay tuned for potential color drops in the future!

Q: How long is the warranty? A: LazyPro™ proudly offers a 12-month warranty on this gaming mouse.

Q: Does it have RGB lighting? A: We've focused on ergonomics and performance for this model, so no RGB this time around.

Q: How quickly does it recharge? A: It takes about 2-3 hours for a full charge, ensuring you're back in the game in no time.

Q: Can I use it while it's charging? A: Certainly! Game on, even while it's juicing up.

Bottom Line: The LazyPro™ BT Vertical Ergonomic Gaming Mouse isn't just another piece of gear; it's a game-changing ally for your hand's health and your in-game performance. Upgrade today and level up your gaming prowess!